Saturday, April 28, 2007

Improvise, improvise

You want to eat curry mee instantly? you have to improvise. get a packet of curry flavoured instant noodle. boil the water, add curry powder and add all the bean curd, fish balls, shrimps (prawns) etc. add the noodles. let it boil and add coconut cream/milk.

you want instant nasi lemak? get leftover rice. add coconut milk with a sprinkle of salt. sprinkle onto the rice and microwave for 2 minutes.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday my husband and I went to window shop for a travel trailer. It is cheaper (gas wise) to use the pickup to pull the trailer than the motor home. Anyways the motor home parked by the garage is 32 ft. long and use about 8 miles per gallon of gas, so it is not economical to drive it for camping etc. We were looking for a 24 ft or so travel trailer. There was someone wanting to sell a 24 ft trailer but in the telephone conversation, she told us it was a 32 ft. one. So my husband and I went to look at it. the very moment i saw it i knew the woman was not telling the truth. I did not like the woman nor the trailer, so when bill was talking to the woman I just said "capital N", oh well we left, and passed a car dealer and swung in. Guess what, i got a new KIA sportage. I traded in my mazda 626 and my Nissan pathfinder and cleaned out my husband's check book.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


This is that time of the season again. The puppies have to have their shots. The regular shots and of course the rabies shot. We always give them the shots because as they are yard dogs, they might get into contact with rabid skunks or other critters. As well as a prcaution the dogs bite anyone by chance. We do not want to take the risk of them getting sick as well being safe in case they playfully bite someone.
They three have their shots yesterday and Buddy only got his rabies shot this evening. He was not ready for the shot and was uncooperative. i guess he never had them before unlike my other three puppies who are very familiar with their shots.
Today, max was limping a little bit, probably because of the rabies shot on his hind leg. he looks so pitiful and wanted some tlc. I rub his leg and he purred like a kitten and slept. I hope by tomorrow he will be more energetic. Roo and Dumdum are as energetic as ever.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Roo, Dumdum, Max and Buddy

Great disapointment

I know that the weather in Oklahoma is weird and it is getting wierder every year.
Imagine in April we still have snow and freeze. I know too that it happens from time to time but but not this late. Not when my grapes are hanging in bunches and my plum trees are loaded. My peaches and my pears are as big as marbles. I am so sad that i had to say goodbye to them. This means no pear preserves, no pickled peaches and no plum jelly.
Today my husband told me, that there is not going any more fruit trees. he does not want to see me like this.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A New addition to my family

This is Buddy. He joined us a few days ago. He is three years old and a German Shepherd. He came to be with us after his old master wanted to put him to sleep. We just could not let such a handsome puppy be put to sleep. He is a healthy puppy but a little on the lean side. He is a real people puppy and at the age of three is getting a little naughty.
The reason his old master wanted to put him away was because he loves to chase young colts and horses. He chased them all over the pasture for fun, not exactly to hurt them. Those stupid horses would then run over the fence and hurt themselves. Buddy only wanted to play. He is still missing his old home and the boys that play with him everyday. He loves to play on the trampoline, but right now he has to stay on chain less he would dash back to his old home.
Roo, Dumdum and Max are not too happy to have another puppy around. However when they were introduced to Buddy, Max is kind of respects Buddy since both of them almost of equal size and Buddy is a year older. Dumdum wanted to claim his seniority, but was told to be nice. Roo is still not very happy. She wanted to show Buddy who is the boss on this property. She still growls at him, but since Buddy is a male, they don't really fight. Buddy shows respect to her. i guess she has to be satisfied with that.
Now I have 4 dogs to walk in the morning and sure takes more than 3 hours to do it. Good for my health though.