Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weather playing tricks on my trees and plants

Fall will be around in a few days time, but my trees are behaving like it is going to be spring. My Tipton pear tree (flowering tree) are in full bloom for a second time this year, so are my cherry trees. The hot summer made these trees sleep like it was winter and when it stars to rain and temperature getting cooler, they are confused and they are rsponding to it like spring is here.

My roses are in full bloom again like it is spring time. Bunches of them. New shoots come out with little rose buds and they sure are making me happy.

My almost dead tomato vines that survived the hot summer temperatures are making flowers as well, so are my okra that i thought were dead and gone. Mints are sprouting everywhere.

Weeds and grass have to be mowed like it is springtime:)

I am happy to see my trees and plants enjoying this cool weather of Fall.