Friday, October 15, 2010

It is that time again

Mid October is the time to re-pot all my precious tender plants before winter arrives. Although we already had a couple of frost lately, they have not killed some of the hardy ones that i covered with blankets. Tender ones like kunyit, kesom, cili api, i have replanted them in smaller pots and put them on a wagon. Every evening I push them into the garage and the lime and serai i covered with blanket.
In the morning when the sun is up i push the wagon out in the sun and uncover the bigger plants. Soon all will have to go into the room next to the garage and have the fire/heat going at night. The room has big glass windows that let the sunlight through in the morning and evening, so these plants will not die.
This is the time to get all the fruits left on the trees before they get frostbites on the trees. I have quite a bit of pears still on the tree as well as the granny smith. I will pick all the pears (the tree is not much taller than me) by end of the week and then preserved them in syrup.
So, i shall be busy tying up all around the place before winter arrives.