Friday, June 26, 2009

This, that and time just flies

It is almost the end of June and I have not written anything for a month. I have been trying to grow my garden, growing vegetables and fighting the weeds that are trying to overtake it.

Spring has been very wet and it rained almost everyday in May. Threats of severe weather with hails and tornadoes lurking around, there was not much to be done. We could not start the garden due to the very wet condition.

Winter stayed on for a long time, we had our last freeze and frost until early May and of course killed almost all my fruit trees blooms except for the grapes that came on late. There are plenty of grapes on the vines and I am kind of tired looking at them as they keep on growing. You prune them, they still grow.

I just poured out gallons of last year concord grapes juice from my freezer, I just don't feel like drinking them anymore as well as wasting my time turning them into jellies. This year I just want to let them dry on the vines and feed the birds in the winter. Of course I will eat whatever I can eat and make juice just enough till I get a new batch.

I have 5 guests dropped by in Spring. Enjoyed their company wish they could stay longer.

I have nothing to write anymore, I am getting old and forgetful, so I may forget to blog for a while.