Sunday, June 15, 2014


It has been 15 years since I took that big step in changing my life. I could have been brave but more aptly I was naive. The 15 years I shared with a man I call my husband has been smooth and have not changed since day one. I have mellowed some but I am as passionate about my life as the first week I joined my husband in matrimony.

It took me a while to accept his as ours and mine as ours. Being single is lonely. I needed someone to call my own. It is not the same to pour your love and care to someone who is not exclusively yours. I love my siblings, my nieces,my nephews but they are not mine, mine alone to love and share my life with.

Fifteen years is quite a long time to be with another person, but I am happy because I am a loner, not very sociable and feel at ease with little company. I am not a limelight seeker nor do I feel comfortable to be with showy people.

Ask me what I did the last 15 years? I can' really say, but I just have a wonderful time all the time.