Thursday, February 22, 2007

ooops all terrain vehicles

My old faithful the pathfinder and the polaris.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

snowed in and one wonders

When one is snowed in, one is kind of trapped. Trapped in the beauty of the landscape. Trapped in a nice cosy toasty house. Trapped in one's own mind.
My world is however wide open despite being trapped in the house. My computer is on and I am able to go anywhere i want to so does my mind. Get connected. I went blog hopping following link after link and what i discovered was that I am actually living in my own rosy little world.
My culture that I hold high, my people, and the melayu I know is not the same anymore. I went to blogs written by melayu that write in the language that I never thought that it was possible by the "polite" Melayu I used to know. the cuss, the curses, the language that i dare not use in my life are rampant. Have I lost the melayu that i love?
The melayu i find in the blogspehre are so different than the ones I knew. There are some that i feel ashame to be part of or associate with. I tried to rationalise that some people want to express themselves with words, but there are beautiful words that can send the same message, not needing to curse one's own mother for that.
I am so much sadden with this that i thought this whole thing is because i am being snowed in. However when i go to other blogs and forum and i read the comments, i feel that many that left comments (bad ones) are either losers or insane.
I went to a famous malysian singer blog and I could not believe all those curses there. They find everything to curse her. are these people real?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Max's first adventure

Max is the baby in the family. Roo mothers him, Dumdum just ignore him. He is huge but thinks he is still a baby. He whines and cry when he wants off the chain or sees Roo gets a treat. He chanllenges Dumdum to a fight whenever he sees Dumdum is on the chain. He nudges Roo to a boisterous play and of course he wuld roll on the ground in order to be on the same playing field with Roo.
However, one day last week when he was left off the chain all by himself with the gate wide open, he ventured out. He knew there was many rabbits outside in the brush in the neighbour, so without a glance back he went out hunting. At the corner of my eyes i saw a dash and whooosh, max was gone. He was gone down the hill down to the road in a flash. I saw him turned west and i got in the pickup to follow him. I stopped at the nearest neighbour's house when i heard his dogs were barking wild. Nope, no Max. I stopped and called him and whistled, no sign of Max. It was hard to see in the woods covered with ice and snow as Max is white. Then i decided to return home. I looked in the rear mirror and saw Max running by the side of the pickup, his face and under his neck covered in red.
He knew he was not supposed to go outside the gate therefore he went back to his house panting. i went out of the pickup worried seeing blood all over his mouth and neck. I checked and there was no injuries, so i guess he must have hunted and got some poor critter for lunch.
Max must have had a good hunt. within 15 minutes he had hunted down his lunch. There you go Max.