Friday, August 06, 2010

On a hot summer day

Here I am on a hot summer day, sitting in front of my computer, chatting with one of my nephews as well as reading some postings on my Facebook. My eyes caught a posting by a nephew on his wall. He said he wished his parents were rich but lamented that they are not thus he has to work hard to be rich and look after them. I was so touched and my tears was welling up. A 20 year old son has set up his mind to work hard and has his parents in mind is something so refreshing.

He was not good academically, but has gone to a community college to learn a skill, that will help him be marketable in the ever developing country. At the college, he began to understand the importance of maths he learned but never liked in school. The engineering maths made sense to him rather than those he learned at school. It was easy to master as there is a purpose in learning those formulas. Now he is undergoing an Industrial training, he complained about the hard labour, yet, he understands that he needs to know the details of the process. He understands that in order to go further in his chosen career, he needs to be in the "kuli" pool first. I am so proud of him.