Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Toys: of grown men and boys

People say the difference between men' toys and boys' are the price. How true. Boys and men like the same toys. Cars, heavy and mean vehicles, monster trucks etc. Boys got the thrill of having those you bought them from the stores. Driving them over sand pit or on the floor. But 'real Men" like the real things. Guess my husband is one. Look at my yard, there is the mean D7 Bulldozer, a White backhoe, a Pontoon boat, a tractor, and the smallest one is the ATV. Inside the house there are guns of different capacity, from SKS, a few shotguns, a few handguns, meanest of the handguns is the Magnum. (Some of them I enjoy sharing my husband's collection and some are my very own.)
Computers too are toys for grown men. There are 4 computers in the house of two people and 3 dogs. Wish the dogs know how to operate the computer, so that I can move them computers to their houses. Well, the spare bedroom is full of computers and their paraphernalia.
The 2 garages are full of power tools which I can not even think of naming them or what they are for.
Men, men, men, wish they remain as boys when come to toys.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's gone for good

I had my long awaited surgery last week Wednesday 17th of August. It is gone now, that little biddy thing called gall bladder. It took only a few minutes to get it out, (but of course I was not aware of it). The waiting was the painful one. Tests after tests were done, just to confirm that it is the culprit that was making me sick for a long while. Even after it was first confirmed, and a date was set up for the surgery, the surgeon wanted another nuclear medicine test to be done. After those were taken care of, I had to go and have the lab works done. I have my arms poked everywhere to get blood, x-rays, ekg, etc.
Waiting for the day of the surgery was not that bad because I had company from Nashville and that helped kept my mind off from the surgery. Then the day arrived. Packed my things in a small backpack and off we went to get the surgery done. We had to wait for quite a while, though my time was supposed to go under the knife was at 11:30 am, it was'nt until noon I went to sleep under those big lights.
An hour or so later i was in the recovery room with my husband was no where to be seen. I woke up with a little nausea, other wise i was ok. I had to stay in the day ward for another hour or so, before I was allowed to go home. My husband was there waiting. He was arranging to have drugs ordered and be picked up at the pharmacy on the way home.
I was put on the wheel chair and wheeled out to the car and off we went to pick the prescription and home. At home, I looked down on my tummy, and i saw 4 places covered with bandaid, so I guess those were the places that had been cut up.
I slept and woke up having nausea and threw up. I could not eat or drink anything because my throat was very sore. I went to sleep again.
The next day my friend from Nashville and his friend M came to visit me. M cooked me chicken soup and the aroma kept me awake in bed. However, i could not eat that lovely soup because I still could not swallow. I ony drank some of the soup. Thank you M and Mo for coming to see me and cooked me the lovely soup which I ate yesterday.
They stayed overnight and in the morning my husband made waffles (the easiest thing to make) for breakfast. I sat and joined them for breakfast, but i still could not swallow, I ended up eating most of the cantaloupe instead. I hope they did not serik coming to visit me. I am sorry i could not entertain them properly.
oh I forgot to mention, when i was recovering, my husband went and got me a present, a new toy for me, a SHOTGUN.
Alhamdulillah, I am doing fine now. My staples will out on the 24th August.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What I got for being a brave girl

For being good and brave to undergo all the lab tests and the nuclear scanning, my husband bought me a 9mm hand gun. Drool Ayu drool..shoots good and just nicely fit in my hands. I have been target shooting these few days and trying to beat Ayu's accuracy. And I am getting better especially with this little cutie.