Monday, May 11, 2015

Life goes on with me

 The week that was full of nasty weather. Been in and out of the storm shelter twice in a week is too much for my sanity. We are clear now with brilliant blue sky and full sun and nice north breeze. End of the week is another story. That is life in Oklahoma, a tornado alley.

I do not have much to write today except about my animals. They are part of my family. Oh yes!! I have not introduced Amy, Awie, Aaron, Mina, Mona, Abby (sadly she died), Blondie, Ayu , Lis, Lisa, Anna, Annie, Bibi, Mimi and Molly. These are my furry weed eaters.

 In December 2012, I was visiting Malaysia and I got a message from my dear husband that he got me a couple of weed eaters. I had been asking him to get me a new weed eaters, the kind that uses gas/petrol or the electric kind. When I arrived home he took me to look at the new weed eaters, they were two beautiful goats both female Mona and Mina who got their names later.

Now I got 12 more babies that have no names yet and they are so adorable.

New additions to the weed eaters. They are checking out the mineral block.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Addition to the family on the farm.

We welcomed a new furry member  Boomer early this year after mourning the loss of Dumdum to throat cancer. I missed Dumdum terribly and took me quite a while trying to love Boomer who came from a shelter. At 8 months old, he was very excited and probably saw the whole wide world for the first time and that he could run like crazy. I was and not very crazy with an excited puppy who is huge and knocking me down every time he wants to show his love. Now at 16 months he is huge and strong. He is a mix of Great Dane and Labrador. Shiny black color.

Max is still the puppy of mine. He is older and is very loving ad I love him very much. Will still try to get on my hammock with me if I ever let him. He still sits under it when I am on the hammock.

I have new addition to the animal farm, two cats a boy and a girl. They were dropped somewhere near the farm and must have crawled into my yard. I found them early one morning trying to get to Max. I took them to the garage and they were so hungry they wanted to eat the dog food. I noticed that they were still having their umbilical cords on them. They must be no more than two weeks old.

I gave them milk and opened a can of tuna, but they only know how to lick milk. For a couple more weeks they only survived on milk. Then I opened a can of tuna, it must have smelled so good, they started to eat it.

Later I noticed that the male kitten was not walking normally kind of dragging itself on its belly. I had to lift its tail end for it to pee and poop every time after feeding otherwise he would messed himself. I was told that he had a broken back and was advised to put him to sleep. part of me wanted to end the suffering, but I can't just let the sister be alone, so I nursed him back to health. Took more than a month for him to be able to  lift his back part of the body. Now he is as healthy as any young male cat.

I name them Kit and Kat. Kit the girl and Kat the boy. I took Kit to be fixed just in time before she gets in heat. By my rough calculation and by seeing them playing in a kind of manner that she would soon be at the age  of maturing. So Kit got fixed for a couple of hundred dollars.

Now I have cats.

Monday, April 27, 2015

How time flies

People have dreams, I have them too. People flaunt their achievements and mine are kept in my head in the memory compartment to reminisce from time to time and smile from ear to ear. I don't know how to share my glory, my happiness and my pains either. I want to share them believe me but I think nobody wants to hear.

How time flies, both my husband and me have gracefully mellowed in time.

This is from a drat file . Must be a 2012 pic.


Almost a quarter of 2015 has gone and I am still here. This year has been a good year for me. I have visitors and best of all my family came over to visit me. For the first time since I live in the boonies I have family come to visit.

I am so happy that my brother and his family visited me early in the year and I love them to bits. My niece and nephew had a swell time and so did we Pakngah too had a very busy week with them kids. Even though it was in the dead of cold winter, we somehow made the visit enjoyable. We even fished in almost frozen  pond and ate the fish we caught. Pakngah taught the kids how to make fire from the magnifying glass, to carve their names  by using the solar power. Of course my dogs had a blast.

When they left for a long while I felt empty, watching the hastily made swing  swaying in the snowy day and until it was taken down I would expect to see a boy on it when I look out of the window. I know Max was missing th boy very much as every morning he would look towards the house expecting  a boy would come out to play with him be it in the coldest winter day.

We missed you all and it took time to get over.

Got back to my blog after a long and winding road

I do not know why google has been a pain in the butt lately. This is the second time I have to reestablish my ID and password to continue  blogging. real pain.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


It has been 15 years since I took that big step in changing my life. I could have been brave but more aptly I was naive. The 15 years I shared with a man I call my husband has been smooth and have not changed since day one. I have mellowed some but I am as passionate about my life as the first week I joined my husband in matrimony.

It took me a while to accept his as ours and mine as ours. Being single is lonely. I needed someone to call my own. It is not the same to pour your love and care to someone who is not exclusively yours. I love my siblings, my nieces,my nephews but they are not mine, mine alone to love and share my life with.

Fifteen years is quite a long time to be with another person, but I am happy because I am a loner, not very sociable and feel at ease with little company. I am not a limelight seeker nor do I feel comfortable to be with showy people.

Ask me what I did the last 15 years? I can' really say, but I just have a wonderful time all the time.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Roadrunners and tortoises

This morning, I was driving to send  a gas can of gas/petrol to my husband who was mowing a friend's yard. The friend had a heart attack while working at an oil field up north and still in hospital. He is doing fine now, and is about to be discharged and driven home by tomorrow. I almost ran over a road runner on my way back home. Not once but twice. I am wondering if it is the time for them runners to mate at this time of the year.

Going up the hill onto my driveway, almost mashed a tiny tortoise crossing the road. It is suicidal or what, this tiny creature has no need to get on the road as both sides has a little creek running under the bridge/road.

A crawdad was crawling up the hill to the house...hmmm finding a better place? or is it the hot sun that makes them try to find a better place, a greener pasture for the road runners. a juicier grass for the tortoise and a cooler pond for the crawdad.

Friday, January 04, 2013

What we learn about people in social network

I have been in different stages of social network system since it all begun in the e mail stage in late 1980's. I have progressed along with its development with IRC (Internet relay chat of different kinds), the forums etc. I even knew the two young guys who begun the ICQ (I seek you) social network at the beginning stages who then sold their product to a company who then developed the ICQ to what it became now. I don't know how many times it changed ownership.

I met a lot of people across the globe and some are still my friends till today. What I learned along the way too is that people were more sincere then than now. There was the Vice president of a known airline that one of my friends who I introduced to my friends in Hawaii. They sailed their boat and spent vacations there.

My ICQ sister in Sydney with whom we shared a lot of pain and happiness, a "big" brother in Adelaide who kept us under his care. A friend in Hong Kong who was very talented architect whose designs can be seen at McD in Penang. His photography are all over on airline magazines. These are real people that are very hard to find these days.

Now days, people you meet on the social network are liars, bullies, scammers and very few real honest people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do I know me?

I thought I write about me. Not because I want people to know me the way I know myself, but more towards about looking at my life.

I was not the limelight catcher or an attention seeker because I was and more of a kind that aspires for self satisfaction. I do not seek to be popular or outstanding in a group or crowd but given an opportunity I shine. I was always in the top half of class,( except in the first couple of years in secondary school adjusting to a new environment) but nobody noticed. I was never in the debating team, neither excelled in the extra curricular activities or sports but did a good job of getting full points for my house every year. Nothing spectacular.

I passed my big examinations with flying colors, but not very outstandingly to get great attention. I got a very good scholarship into the university where few got them. I sailed through the university years and graduated not too poorly. Things sure did run very smoothly for me as I follow the flow of my life.

I got into the workforce without any hardship though it was not my first choice for a career, but it did suit my temperament and my interest. My career did bring me to places and meeting people that few have the opportunity to experience. I sat at the same table with dignitaries from places nobody ever heard of. I interacted with well known authors and famous people yet I never know how to beat my drum. They are in my path of life and some are still my friends.

I took calculated risk to go to places and work where and when nobody dared. I made lasting friendships and established trusts where the people trust nobody. I learned a lot about people and culture a long the way.

In many ways i trust myself and believe in my ability to carry out missions that many failed with my unassuming stride. My greatest achievement is teaching an old lady to read the Quran in 3 months as well teaching a lady and her son English in the same period.

I was able to practice Ramadhan in the land that many Muslims don't. I was able to gather a few people to do the tarawih and became the imam for a week until the group got bigger and a local elder could take over. I knew that in the Tarawih group was a government spy ready to report me, but I befriended her and since she was fluent in arabic ( was a spy in Saudi arabia), I requested her to read the Quran for all of us to listen.

I am so proud of myself for all my achievements although was never in the limelight. Now I am smiling.

Getting started all over again

I have semi retired from blogging for reasons I really don't understand or know. There was nothing much to write about going the way I was going, and facebook seems to have taken over. Now that I am a little bit disenchanted with facebook I am turning back to blogging. Perhaps this time around I write on something retrospective which has been on my mind but never get strated.

Hey, people published books on their rambling and blogging and make lots of money, perhaps I can do the same, minus the publishing bit. Stranger things do happen, who knows? Even the horny author who wrote the kinky 50 shades of Grey becomes a millionaire overnight. Just thinking.