Sunday, July 31, 2005

She came and...

She came and before we knew it we were sending her to airport again. Before she even boarded the plane, we were already missing her. We made sure she got through the screening area before we left incase the gun powder residue might got her into trouble.
We hope she had great fun the weekend she had with us. We sure did enjoy her company. Wished she had more time to ride the four wheelers and had some fun riding on wilder terrain. We could have arranged a trip to the river bank where it would be more challenging rides. Wished she could go horse riding too.
I knew my husband enjoyed some intelligent doscussion with her. They discussed Einstien which was beyond my range and all those things about space travel. i guess my husband got carried awy with his love for sciences and science fiction ;).
We hope she would return.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Guest is coming

That friday evening, Bill and I left for the airport to pick up my first Malaysian guest. There was some delay, and when the plane landed we scanned our eyes for a familiar face (muka melayu). There were many planes landed at the same time and there were so many passangers pouring out of the gate. Bill, kept on saying, there's a short one and skinny one...then nope looks old...and again there's another...nope someone was hugging her, nope... not our guest.Then there she was smiling towards us. I told our guest during one of our YM messages to look for an old matsalleh and an equally old melayu woman waiting for her, she would not be wrong.
Well, we had our guest tucked in our small speedy car and sped off home to the boonies. Bet she never knew how the boonies look like before. we arrived home late and then after a roti canai do, we all went to sleep. My guest slept on the couch.
The next morning we went to town to get our fishing licences. Then my guest had fun riding all the big machines around the yard.
That's all for my day one hehehe

Monday, July 25, 2005

A Bad Fishing day is better than a good day at work

There is this advertisement on the local radio saying that a good day at work is nothing compared to fishing. Of course, the advertiser was promoting his fishing gear store. However, indeed, fishing is a very good way to relax and catch on your dreams. I used to go fishing with my husband and my dogs during weekend not so long ago, when we still have the old motorhome. We used to load up the motorhome with all our needs for a few days away from home. Of course, when the dogs came along, their food too. The dogs enjoyed the swim in the lake and keep unwanted creatures away from our camp. Bubba used to ride beside the driver and no one could make him move from the spot. Mind you Bubba was not a small dog...a real big mastif Boxer, with an ugly face. He used to get a lot of attention on the road. Those were the days. Later we had 3 big dogs, getting them to agree to get on the motorhome was a chore. Since then the dogs did not go along anymore and we only limit our camping for overnight.
Let's get back to fishing. When my guest came, one of the agenda was to go moonlingt midnight fishing. I usually did not go with the 'crew', but since my guest was going, I too went and got a fishing licence for the weekend.
According to the 'crew' a diehard fishers, the night we went was the worst night they had, since there were so many boats anchored and fishing. Usually They would come home when their 3 or more ice chests (coolers) get full, but that night we had only one ice chest full. Anyways that was more than we can eat.
The ride on the boat was heavenly, the breeze kind of make you want to go to sleep. I was sleepy, since my guest and i did not nap in the afternoon. We spent yakking. We packed some food to take a long in case we get hungry. We also brought along an empty bucket, incase we need to ermmmm like my husband said 'to water the fish' We did not use the bucket though.
When we arrived, our seasoned fishers found that their favourite spot had been taken, but the sonar on the boat showed a lot of fish swimming around under us. We picked a spot and anchored. Then, my husband was fixing our fishing rods with fake worms and each fishing pole has 3 hooks. We began fishing and guess who caught the first fish, my guest!!
Most time according to our seasoned fishers, they caught 3 fish at one time, but that night only one time Lynn's grandson caught 2 at one time.
Well, we went on jigging our fishing lines, with my guest sitting on my left and my husband on my right. They kept bringing in fish after fish and none bit mine! however, when we were getting to leave I caught the last one...a big one too.