Friday, January 04, 2013

What we learn about people in social network

I have been in different stages of social network system since it all begun in the e mail stage in late 1980's. I have progressed along with its development with IRC (Internet relay chat of different kinds), the forums etc. I even knew the two young guys who begun the ICQ (I seek you) social network at the beginning stages who then sold their product to a company who then developed the ICQ to what it became now. I don't know how many times it changed ownership.

I met a lot of people across the globe and some are still my friends till today. What I learned along the way too is that people were more sincere then than now. There was the Vice president of a known airline that one of my friends who I introduced to my friends in Hawaii. They sailed their boat and spent vacations there.

My ICQ sister in Sydney with whom we shared a lot of pain and happiness, a "big" brother in Adelaide who kept us under his care. A friend in Hong Kong who was very talented architect whose designs can be seen at McD in Penang. His photography are all over on airline magazines. These are real people that are very hard to find these days.

Now days, people you meet on the social network are liars, bullies, scammers and very few real honest people.