Sunday, October 19, 2008

Am I in the Fall of my life?

The days are cooler now as it is the fall season, the season I like best. Leaves are turning into colors. Some are yellow, some are red, some are brown and of course some are still green. Squirrels are every where jumping from one tree onto another as well as crossing the roads. There are of course some casualties when many young squirrels did not look left and right when chasing their lovers. Squirrels mate in the fall and hibernate in winter to have babies just in time for spring.

If Fall is what I am having now, let it be Fall forever. Life is serene and peaceful and blissful. Happy leaves flying off the trees and be blown by the wind in a merry go round. I just want to live this way forever if I could.

I have had my springtime of life, full of anticipation, full of energy just like the spring in Oklahoma. Flowers bloom, garden growing and new leaves turning green. Birds and critters of the woods, mating bringing new life into the world.

Made my hay while the sun was shining in the summer. gather all the fruits and nuts for the coming winter. While in the fall or Autumn, I sit on the hammock all day under the colorful foliage of my big oak tree, watching and admiring the nature that God created; Enjoying the nice crisp weather with the sky so blue.

Winter will come no doubt. I wish i can hold on to Fall a little longer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The raya it was

Raya means celebration. End of Ramadan is something to celebrate. My husband and I celebrated our end of Ramadan on the last Iftar. The next day the first of Syawal, after prayer, we just did what we always do everyday. There wan't anything special. I did have a webcam conference with my sisters and family in Penang. That was it. It was fun because they had 2 laptops and webcams and everyone was having a good time stuffing their faces with food.