Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tales of my critters - Roo

A couple of months ago, a hen from my flock went missing. I thought it must have been dinner for some predators. However,one evening, I told Roo to look for it by saying "roo go find chick chick". She went to her house and look inside. I thought she was just acting strange and not understanding my request. I told her again. She just sat there and wagged her tail. Oh, well, I went and looked inside her house, and there was a hen sitting right at the back of her house. She was sitting on a pile of eggs. So, all these while, Roo has been sharing her house with the hen. if only roo could talk.

I petted her and told her that she was a good girl. She was indeed a good girl. Then after a few weeks, I saw roo was jumping around and playing around her house I kept a distance and watched her picking up a tiny baby chick in her mouth and put it back inside her house. Then a couple more of the chicks jumped out of her house, she had a fun time putting back the chicks into her house. I went and asked her what she was doing, she picked up a chick and brought it to me. i did not know that dogs can be so gentle with helpless babies. I told her she was a good girl and to look after the babies. After that she became a guardian for the hen and baby chicks. She would guard them from max and other hen.

They now do not share the house anymore since the mother hen has brought her babies to the chicken pen. But everyday without fail, the chicks and mother would go and stay around roo's house. Drink from her water bowl and just laze around her house.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tales of my critters

I have never thought how fancinating it is to observe critters at their antics. People must think that I am insane or gone bonkers wasting my time watching them. But then I have all the time in the world to do whatever I like. I am sure many people think that not being employed is a faculty failure. I am looking at my life from a different angle. There is no more need to calmour for materials acquisition. It is now to enjoy God's given paradise.
I observed a baby rabbit grows all by itself. It made a home under the pile of rubble of our torn down building. Every morning it will come out to eat and play with the chicken. It is smart as it would run and hide the moment it sees my puppies (dogs) are out of their houses. When it feels sfe to go out again it would come out to play and have a dust bath amongst the chicken and guineas. It is wonderful to see how animals are just being animals and having fun.