Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About Raya

Usually for Raya i don't do any preparation except confirming the day and time for prayer at the nearest mosque. However this year it was a little different. A couple of Malaysian called and said that they would make their way to my house. So, I prepared lemang, rendang, ketupat nasi impit, kuah kacang and a couple of tradtional cookies. On the eve of raya, one called and said they would not be able to make the trip after all. They would try to make it the next weekend. Well, i was left with lemang and all the above. If I knew a couple of days earlier i would not have made all those stuff. For the whole week I ate my raya food. Then I re do the preparation the next weekend.

The second week of Raya I got a package of goodies from my brother and sister in law. I once told somewhere in my blog that I do not make cookies and raya goodies so that I don't have to feel the "loss" or that there was something to celebrate after the prayer. I appreciate the goodies and now I have plenty of raya goodies to last me until raya haji.

Fall is here but the leaves are still green and I bet there will not be a colorful Fall. What i see now, the leaves turn brown from green, not turning into yellow, then orange and then red before turning brown and then blown off the trees.

This fall, there are plenty of pecans and walnuts as well as hickory nuts. The squirrels are having a nutty party every where. I can't recognize Nutkin anymore. he and his cousins are so fat and probably Nutkin is a female after all.

My dogs have grown their winter coats and wearing them. My chicken have regrown their feathers as well. So everyone is looking forward to winter.

All my precious plants are transplanted into little pots ready to get into the house. Right now they move in the garage at night and out in the sun during the day.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Max

My puppy Maximilian or Max for short is 3 years old today. It was like yesterday when he was first brought home in a blanket. A ball of white fluffy fur and big blue eyes. He is now all grown, 2 and half feet tall and weighing more than a hundred lbs.

A loving and protective puppy. I still think he does not realize that he is a big dog now. He still thinks he can jump up into my arms and smothered me with kisses. Only the other day he cuddled me and broke my glasses. He walks behind me all the time and sometimes even steps on to my shoes. Never very far from me.

I love him....Happy Birthday Max, my lovable puppy.