Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do I know me?

I thought I write about me. Not because I want people to know me the way I know myself, but more towards about looking at my life.

I was not the limelight catcher or an attention seeker because I was and more of a kind that aspires for self satisfaction. I do not seek to be popular or outstanding in a group or crowd but given an opportunity I shine. I was always in the top half of class,( except in the first couple of years in secondary school adjusting to a new environment) but nobody noticed. I was never in the debating team, neither excelled in the extra curricular activities or sports but did a good job of getting full points for my house every year. Nothing spectacular.

I passed my big examinations with flying colors, but not very outstandingly to get great attention. I got a very good scholarship into the university where few got them. I sailed through the university years and graduated not too poorly. Things sure did run very smoothly for me as I follow the flow of my life.

I got into the workforce without any hardship though it was not my first choice for a career, but it did suit my temperament and my interest. My career did bring me to places and meeting people that few have the opportunity to experience. I sat at the same table with dignitaries from places nobody ever heard of. I interacted with well known authors and famous people yet I never know how to beat my drum. They are in my path of life and some are still my friends.

I took calculated risk to go to places and work where and when nobody dared. I made lasting friendships and established trusts where the people trust nobody. I learned a lot about people and culture a long the way.

In many ways i trust myself and believe in my ability to carry out missions that many failed with my unassuming stride. My greatest achievement is teaching an old lady to read the Quran in 3 months as well teaching a lady and her son English in the same period.

I was able to practice Ramadhan in the land that many Muslims don't. I was able to gather a few people to do the tarawih and became the imam for a week until the group got bigger and a local elder could take over. I knew that in the Tarawih group was a government spy ready to report me, but I befriended her and since she was fluent in arabic ( was a spy in Saudi arabia), I requested her to read the Quran for all of us to listen.

I am so proud of myself for all my achievements although was never in the limelight. Now I am smiling.

Getting started all over again

I have semi retired from blogging for reasons I really don't understand or know. There was nothing much to write about going the way I was going, and facebook seems to have taken over. Now that I am a little bit disenchanted with facebook I am turning back to blogging. Perhaps this time around I write on something retrospective which has been on my mind but never get strated.

Hey, people published books on their rambling and blogging and make lots of money, perhaps I can do the same, minus the publishing bit. Stranger things do happen, who knows? Even the horny author who wrote the kinky 50 shades of Grey becomes a millionaire overnight. Just thinking.