Monday, April 27, 2015

How time flies

People have dreams, I have them too. People flaunt their achievements and mine are kept in my head in the memory compartment to reminisce from time to time and smile from ear to ear. I don't know how to share my glory, my happiness and my pains either. I want to share them believe me but I think nobody wants to hear.

How time flies, both my husband and me have gracefully mellowed in time.

This is from a drat file . Must be a 2012 pic.


Almost a quarter of 2015 has gone and I am still here. This year has been a good year for me. I have visitors and best of all my family came over to visit me. For the first time since I live in the boonies I have family come to visit.

I am so happy that my brother and his family visited me early in the year and I love them to bits. My niece and nephew had a swell time and so did we Pakngah too had a very busy week with them kids. Even though it was in the dead of cold winter, we somehow made the visit enjoyable. We even fished in almost frozen  pond and ate the fish we caught. Pakngah taught the kids how to make fire from the magnifying glass, to carve their names  by using the solar power. Of course my dogs had a blast.

When they left for a long while I felt empty, watching the hastily made swing  swaying in the snowy day and until it was taken down I would expect to see a boy on it when I look out of the window. I know Max was missing th boy very much as every morning he would look towards the house expecting  a boy would come out to play with him be it in the coldest winter day.

We missed you all and it took time to get over.

Got back to my blog after a long and winding road

I do not know why google has been a pain in the butt lately. This is the second time I have to reestablish my ID and password to continue  blogging. real pain.