Monday, July 16, 2007

Roo had a turkey dinner

Usually when we leave the house we always keep the gate closed and let Roo be the Guard. Today when we returned from town, we saw Roo had had her dinner with feathers everywhere in the garage. We assumed from the feathers, it must have been a turkey. poor turkey must have got into the yard. Any critters which are not familiar to her, she would definitely does her job. This time poor unlucky turkey that wandered too close.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Visiting or going home?

It is kind of hard to admit that I have made this place my home. I have worked hard to make this niche in the woods in rural Oklahoma my own. I am already missing my husband and my home before I even make my journey back to Malaysia for a visit which was not so long ago my home too. There were strong ties and pull then when my parents were still alive to make that long journey. It was not so painful to sit for 30 odd hours on the plane and in transits. It was then worth it.

My last 2 visits were not as exciting as I anticipated. My siblings and their families were busy with their lives and hardly had time for us (my husband and me). The friends/colleagues who were "eager" to see me again after a long time did not even bother to drop by at the place I was staying (which was within their walking distance from their work place.) I was sad, but then I thought that I was not a friend enough for them to see me. I should have made plans and thought of me first rather than making meeting and be with them my priority. Lesson learned.

However there was an exception on my last trip though. My brother in law in Melaka took a few days leave just to be around and cooked me delicious meals. Those dishes we used to enjoy at my mother's. He was so thoughtful because during that time my sister as a teacher could not get away from her school activities even at weekends. (she is a primary school teacher) That thoughtful gesture is embedded in my heart forever.

This time around, I am visiting for me. To see the country i left and still very fond of. I want to enjoy the country and if anyone of those friends can fit in my schedule, i do them too. I will not be disappointed or sad if they can't come to see me.

I have very GOOD friends too who offer me a place to stay when I come and visit. I have a friend who offers a car from their showroom for me to use.
On top of it I have made many new friends on the internet whom I want to meet.

I am hoping this trip will be a memorable one, to last for a long time. I can't win all the time, but I am hoping this time around is a winner. I am not getting any younger and long distance haul does not sound attractive anymore.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It is already July huh

Tomorrow 7th Day of the 7th Month in the Year 2007 will be my 55th birthday. I am maturing to this age very gracefully. I may not be the spring chicken, but I am not much older than the woman I was a decade ago. However, I have changed a lot. I have made a 180 degrees turn in my mid forty. I have chosen to live nearer to nature and be happy with what I have. I keep to my believe that happiness is a matter of choice not a chance.

I see people whom the terms "tension and stressful" are their daily vocabulary. I can only say that I feel sorry for them. I feel life needs to be organized and have priority in the correct places. Some people can't handle even a little bit of pressure. Some people can't even make a little change. This reminded me of the time I was on duty at the punch card. I observed the same people would be late every day, not overly late but a couple of minutes or five minutes. I asked why, it was always the same, traffic jam. I just wonder, if you know that at the same time everyday, the traffic would be bad, why not leave the house 5 minutes earlier.

oh well, Now I am retired, I have no worries about getting caught in the traffic jam. I also do not need to rush anywhere. My time is mine. I drive to town when there is minimum traffic on the road. I stay home when the weather is bad. And I talked to my dogs and my plants. I race my dogs in the woods.

Oh Yes, there is plenty of peace and tranquility where I live and I thank God for this life of mine.