Friday, December 03, 2010

It is not too late

It is not too late to take a look at my health at the age of 58. I have been complacent with my weight and health until now. I used to be quite athletic when I was younger, was very thin at one point that I was called a Biafra refugee. (anyone remember the under nourished kids from Biafra, west Africa)
I prayed hard to add on a little weight so that my pants have somewhere to hang. My waist was 19-21 inches. My chest was 32 cup A and i was mad when some guys I hang around with said that my chest was as flat as the Bayan Lepas runaway.
I started to put on a little weight after I quit my regular aerobic. I had aerobic everyday while i was in Hawaii, on returning to Malaysia, the aerobic had not caught up yet. Then whatever little muscles I had turned to fat and there wasn't any indication that it was going to stop.
I became really fat after a couple of years into my happy marriage. I ate what my husband put on the table and soon enough my jeans sizes creeping up.

I came to the US wearing size 6 jeans and of late I was into size 12. My excuse was size 12 is convenient in winter when I usually wear a pair leggings or sweat pants under it. Only i was wearing them right into summer.

So, at 58 years old I had a good look at myself in the mirror, and told the person in the mirror, that is it, things has to change. About a month a go, I started to look at what i eat, and decided to do something about it. Added to the the diet I put myself into, I started to do some exercise. I started to jog and walk up and down my driveway.

I lost 10 lbs in the first week and that encouraged me to keep what i was doing, but it I did not lose any weight the next week. I was kind of disappointed, but i was feeling energetic and slept well so I kept going and now I can jog up and down the hill 2.5 miles everyday.
I do not get on the weighing machine often but I am sure I lost some.

I can now get back into my size 6 jeans and almost feel comfortable in kebaya pendek that i wore on my wedding day. i still have to work hard as my husband said, baby, you took 10 years to get to that size, you can't expect to get back into shape in a month.
So,I think it is not too late for me to work towards my goal.