Sunday, January 09, 2011

It snows and it will some more before the season is over.

Every year it snows and the same happens this year 2011. Every year I count my blessings. I am healthy, I am happy and I have been given years of living healthy . Everyday is a bonus blessing when I wake up to see the great God's creation around me.

I hope to make this year my health conscious year. I have started to take a serious look into my health since the end of last year. I have progressed quite a bit. I thought that I would not be able to run and walk for 5 miles, but I have so far conquered that distance. I had been walking 5 miles a day for almost a month now and it has become easier each day. I have started to jog for a couple of miles and walked the rest of the 5 miles. I also have added some exercises to my daily routine. I enjoy walking in the cold crisp air at times stop to watch the deer in the woods or stop at the frozen pond to throw a few rocks and watch it bounce. Or i walk with Max my big puppy and let him have fun. He would run all over the woods and always come back to check on me. He must have wondered why I do not move as fast as he is or why i walk so slow compared to him.

Walking in cold temperatures beats the cabin like feeling staying in the house during cold winter days. Staying inside the house too much makes me feel trapped and thus I would be munching food and watch TV or movies. I am glad that my husband cleared the path in the woods and measured the distance for me to walk/jog.