Saturday, May 22, 2010

What do I do with the squirrels!

I have given up with the squirrels in my yard. I thought there were only Nutkin and his 2 siblings, but I was wrong. Nutkin has a dozen of cousins living around the woodywood.

It was funny at first to see Nutkin climbing on my windows showing off his manhood from time to time, but when there were 3 Nutkins doing the same thing at the same time, it was not funny anymore. It took me a while to realise that there were more than 3 of them romping around from branch to branch. One afternoon I counted 11 of them playing in the yard and they all look the alike.

I did not believe my husband when he told me to stop feeding the squirrels on the porch before the whole clan would come and join in. Nutkin is a very tame squirrel, who would come and get nuts from my hand and eat at my feet (I sit on the lounge chair on the porch). At times Nutkin would go and dig out some nuts that he buried around the yard and bring it on the porch to eat it. I thought it was cute and friendly. Then one day when we were not at home, probably one of Nutkin's cousins got bored waiting for nuts, it chewed my door frame and the hand rail of the porch. I was angry of course, so I told Nutkin to tell his clan to behave or I would not feed them again, or they would end up in some one's pot. Do you think they listen to him? A few days later, the french door screen was chewed and torn that we had to duck-tape the holes. Now the door looks typically like a redneck door, all duck-taped. We are waiting for the nuts and fruits are ready so that they can go find somewhere else for food then only replace the door.