Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It is snowing again

We had an impressive amount of snow in late fall. i was all excited about it, but when we had ice, i was not at all ahppy because the ground was covered with three inches of ice. It is hard to walk on ice and it took almost two weeks to get rid of the ice. on top of that it snowed again. I was worried that the roof would collapse and indeed the roof of the barn was sagging badly.
Today it snows again. It is snowing now and it looks so pretty with huge flakes falling down. It is accumulating fast and the weathermen say that we will have on and off snow for 4 days. I can't imagine how many inches it will be this time around and there is little doubt that it will go away soon as the forecasted temperature will remain below freezing for the entire week and next week.
It gets old rather quickly when you have snow on the ground just like living in a flooded area. However this is moisture and we thank God for it. At this time last year we were fighting brush fire because it was so dry. I would rather have snow than fire anytime.