Monday, May 16, 2011

Springtime again

My last entry was in mid winter and I have been lazy to update my blog. There isn't any interesting thing to write and blogging seems to take the back seat from Face book.

Since last year after thanksgiving, I have been keeping busy taking care of my weight. It came to a point that I was not happy to look in the mirror. I was depresssed that I let myself to be so fat and weighing at 155lbs, equivalent to 70kg. I have never been that fat in my life. That was upsetting me and it seemed that the more I became depressed, I ate more. My husband tried to cheer me up and buying me the wiifit etc. but it did not work.

When a friend told me that she needed to get a personal trainer to lose weight and pants sizes, I felt that it was like a challenge that I should not miss. Quietly I took a look of what reasonable thing to do so as to keep up with her regular trips to the gym. I started to walk up and down my driveway. It was hard to make a mile in the first few days. It was winter and it was easier minus the heat.

The walk became easier each day and I could walk for longer time and distance. My husband then made a track in our back woods and measure the distance correctly so that I know how far I walk each day. He bought a pedometer and health-o-meter as an encouragement. Eight weeks into this regime and good eating habit, i lost some lbs. I lost 8 lbs in the first week and gradually lose a couple of lbs each week subsequently. Now 5 months later I weigh 121lbs or 55 kg.

I love it now eventhough I have to get a new set of clothing. I have to pack up all my jeans sizes 6-12. gave away some of sizes 10 and 12. I am now wearing sizes 4 and 2 jeans.

I do not go on strict diet, but I learn how to eat smart. I do not eat at fast food and eat very little processed foods. I prefer bake than fry food. I love potatoes and instead of eating fries (which is fried and greasy) i eat baked potato or oven fried potatoes than deep fried. I eat whole grain or brown rice pasta instead of polished white rice. I eat chicken minus the skin and importantly I make carbs as side dish.

Now I am giving myself a pat on my back for keeping up with my routine. I now walk 5 miles or 8km a day.