Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nutkin, the squirrel with an attitude

I tried and tried to get a picture of Nutkin, but he is so elusive. Today, he played hide and seek with me. I saw him hunching over the corn cob ontop of the feeder and the moment i got the camera out, he went to hide under the feeder. The nearer I got to the tree, where the feeder is, he moved to the other side of the tree. oh well, however Nutkin has an attitude.
Usually during late winter and early spring, i like to put out feed for all kinds of critters in my yard. I like to look at Nutkin because he is like a naughty kid. he would steal food from under the chicken mouth (beak?). He would rush out for the food I throw out for the chicken and eat with them.
However Nutkin can be very irritating. I used to put nuts on the deck and Nutkin with his clan would come and steal the nuts and eat them. For a while they behaved quite well, but Nutkin, being braver than the rest would come and shake the door screen if there was no more nuts on the deck. Soon, he would come frequently to shake the door or window screens for the nuts. He was not interested anymore on the corn on the cob. he was also tearing the window screen. he was not scared, he would hang on the door screen showing us his big manhood (big for a squirrel). He did this a few times and even when poke from inside, he would not budge until one day when my husband had enough of Nutkin's attitude. he warned Nutkin to quit, or face the consequences. with pallet gun, my husband shot near enough to scare nutkin. Until today he has not done his show anymore. he only comes to eat at the feeder.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

fun in the summer

What do we in the boonies do to while away our summer days? Ohhh, we go boating, we go riding and we sleep off the afternoon heat.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Call it friendship

This lonely peacock has made friends with my guineas and chicken. Every morning, it is either, the peacock comes to call or my guineas will go and fetch him. They will roam around together in the yard till night. Some nights the peacock sleep over and sometime he flies home. Incredible isn't it.