Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last days of summer

This year the summer seemed to stretch a little longer than usual. Officially summer ends 20th of September but this year summer temperatures lingered until today when it suddenly dropped to hardly 60F and the morning was 45F. It is cold with the wind blowing15-25 mph. It takes a little while to get used to the new temperatures. I like it though.

I still have some fruits on the trees and the apples have been dropping on the ground a bucket a day. I now have another chore to do in the evening, go feed the critters in the woods. I bring a bucket of apples and leave them by the pond so that the critters can party at night. By morning all of the apples are gone. This evening i thought i would go and sit and wait to watch the party, but with my dog Dumdum around, no critters showed up.

Surprisingly I hardly see Nutkin the squirrel and his gang of merry- men around. There were a dozen of them in winter and early spring, but in summer I don't see them at all. I guess they have somewhere else to find food or busy hoarding nuts for the winter.

The pond in the woods is now full of fishes, from tiny ones to big ones. Most of them are perch. We feed them with bread every other day. They eat half a loaf each time.

Today for lack of thing to do I baked a loaf of apple bread. It turned out real good!