Monday, January 31, 2005

a bad day for my rooster

Today we said goodbye to my ever so arrogant rooster. He acquired a broken leg yesterday and we had to put him to sleep this morning. The broken leg was a courtesy to my husband's quickness with a stick. Dear rooster has been attacking me since he grew spurs on his legs. He would fly high up to my waist to attack me with his legs and spurs. It hurt even when he attacked the boots.
Yesterday when my husband was giving the feed the rooster attacked him, not once but a few times. The first few times, my husband just kicked him away, but the last one the rooster had his leg hit bad. I love animals. It does not matter what kinds they are, roosters, chicken, cows in the field or dogs. So, you can imagine how horrified I was when the rooster could not walk. I picked it up and knew that his leg was broken. Boy, I bawled like a baby. My heart just broke. I held my rooster in my arms for a long time and accusing my husband for being mean. I kept him warm for the night and, early this morning, my husband slaughterd him out of his misery. We buried him and I am still sad.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

When the phone rings

Early this morning the phone rang. It was either a wrong number or a call bearing a not so good news. It was not a wrong number, but a sad news, an elderly aunt on my husband side was gravely ill at a nursing home. Had no time for shower, just add more clothes on and left. When we got there she has passed on. A jolly old lady, an affectionate aunt. Would never hurt a fly, loves bingo and food. Right now the thing I remember most is that she was the brave lady who asked for a second helping of my first ever attempt at making a chocolate chip banana bread. I wished I visited her more often when she was at the nursing home. The nursing home is just next to the 24 hours Super Wal*Mart that I often shop at. However, almost every time I went, she was always not in, taken home by one of her children. Then today we said goodbye to her, a very sweet lady.

When I first moved here, the odd hours phone rings meant that my family members and friends who are still not familiar with time differences are at the other end of the line. I looked forward to those untimely rings. However nowadays, it is different, mostly the rings are bearer of not so happy news. At my age, my elderly loved ones are in the sunset of their lives. I have to accept that. I have to expect more visits to hospitals and be ready for whatever consequences. Life goes on.

Friday, January 28, 2005


When I decided to retire early, I had many plans. There were so many things to do. One of the first things I wanted to accomplish was to develop my writing skill. However I had no clue where to begin. I subscribed to Writer's journal, but it did not seem to be of great help.
This big idea remained the big idea. Two years after, there was still nothing to show. No take off. I started to surround myself with excuses. Of course they were many and handy. After all I just got married and have relocated to a strange land. I am in transition period. It is not a sin to enjoy newly wedded bliss and getting acquainted to my new environment. Getting adjusted takes time. So goes my comfortable excuses.
This is my sixth year, I have to get motivated. I have a list of ideas to write on, but which one to tackle first. I wanted to use my experience as a Librarian to embark on this writing idea. My training as a Librarian is not of much help as I was trained to be precise and concise. To condense a whole book into a 3 X 5 catalog card or now into just an entry. So much for background training.
Well, there is still tomorrow, I have the time and I have ideas!

My first

Just became a blogger!!