Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcoming winter 2010/2011

When we start going back to standard time in November, it is a signal that we need to get things ready for winter. There is not much to be done for the big city dwellers, but for rural folk like us, there are a lot of things to be taken care of.

1. First thing first, check the fire alarm in the house to make sure it is in working condition, the battery is changed if it needed be.

2. Then to make sure the fire place is cleaned, so that there isn't any leaves or bird's nests or squirrel nests in the chimney pipes. If using, propane or natural gas for heating, make sure the tanks are filled up.

3. Check and change the oil in the generator to be ready when the need arises. We might be out of power for weeks if we have ice storm and stranded.

4. Drain and roll up all the outside water hoses and store in a dry place so that they don't get frozen and can be readily used when needed. Dry cold winter can be fire hazard.

5. Put hay in the animals houses to keep them dry warm for the winter. Put fleece blankets in the dog houses for them to snuggle during cold nights.

6. Then come the motorized vehicles. Drain water from the RV, the boats. Change oil in all the cars 2 pickups, a car and an SUV, the ATV, the lawn mowers, the tractors, the backhoe etc.

7. Just wait for the winter to arrive.