Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring is here again

Yes, spring time is here again. Winter just went away without much ceremony as it was a warm winter. We did not have much snow as it was a very dry winter. The summer is another story. It was the hottest summer I have so far experienced. Its effect can now be seen as a lot of my huge trees are left dead. Big trees that have been in my yard for many decades have not sprouted green leaves and their bark are peeled off the trunk, looking sad. I am SAD. My huge oak tree that I have been hanging my hammock for years is dead too. I counted about a dozen trees in my yard are dead or almost dead. Those in the woods are too numerous to count.

This afternoon, (a very lovely weather) I was sitting on my porch or deck watching a squirrel chewing on the almost dead tree trunk, eating whatever it can salvage.Squirrels lack food especially in the spring as there isn't any fruits ready to pick yet. I felt sorry for it so I went to get some corn to give it. My husband said, squirrels learn to survive and that is what that particular squirrel is doing what nature teaches it.

My fruit trees have fruits on them, whatever left by a late freeze earlier in the season. I may have some to share with the critters in my yard. My grape vines have not sprouted any leaves yet, so I can assume that they do not survive the cruel summer. They have been growing good all those years and this year I won't have any grapes hanging on the vines.
This spring too we have added new members to the family, two nanny goats (Boer goats) and three young billies. It was supposed to be a surprise for me after i return from a trip to Malaysia. My husband did tell me that he got me weed eaters (machine) as ours was not running real good. So when I arrived I was being greeted by embeeeeek beside the love bark by my two dogs. That was a real surprise!.