Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Of being cheap

I buy fruits when they are cheap. i eat fruits like they are my staple. I buy fresh pineapples when the price is at $1.50 a piece (regular $3.85). I buy a few of them. I buy papayas when it costs 28 cents per pound (regular at $1.28). Buy a few green ones. I buy strawberries when it is $1.50 a box (regular $2.98). Nope they are not those wilting either. they are just the overstock that walmart have.

I change my taste of fruits according to seasons. I eat plenty of mangoes (from central America) when they are 4 to a dollar. I get plenty of them because mangoes are one of my favourite. i eat plenty of seedless grapes in winter when walmart import them from Chile, those big juicy black grapes for only 98 cents a pound rather than buy California grapes for $2.98 a pound.

Now I am eating plenty of strawberries big juicy ones at $1.28 a pound. I have boxes of them in my refrigerator. I eat them with cream cheese with sugar and whipped cream or dipped in Hershey's chocolate. I top my ice cream with them as well.

This year all my fruit trees are void of fruits due to the late freeze we had in late April. The only thing I see growing in my woods are wild grapes that bounced back and a few wild plums. My "commercial table grapes" are gone. Not a single leaf left on the vines. i hope they will not die.I am not too sure with my blackberries. i saw a few buds, and that's about all. I may not have any blackberries this year.

Well, walmart have all the fruits i can eat cheap, so i do not have to pine for my home grown fruits this year.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Of little tortoises crossing the road

These few days when i drive out to town i see not less than a dozen tortoises crossing the road. I know they cross the highway to be on the other side. Most made it across, but not all do. Wonder if it is worth it. I saw little biddy ones the size of a dollar coins to those the size of big serving plates.

In my woods too, these tortoises wonder around. I even saw some mating and of course Max had to separate them. He does not pick them up any more like he used to, he just ignore them except when he sees them tortoises are "fighting".