Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you a blogger or a twitterer?

Blogging is going to be in, in 2009 and twittering is going out, so they say (CBS Morning Show 31 Dec.2008). Since 2006, many people have taken up twittering rather than blogging. The year 2009 will see more of a slow blogging going in the internet. Slow blogging is a more seriously thought posting that has meaningful content rather than twittering ( I am going to eat now; I am going to take a shower etc.)

So, people, are you a blogger or a twitter?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Think before you post.

I was watching Kids TV show this morning, and there was a warning for all kids to think before they post anything on the internet. This is also a reminder to all because whatever you post on the internet is for public viewing. Do not be naive and simplistic to think that everyone out there in the cyberspace are good people. There were kids who killed themselves because they were bullied and there were kids who find their pictures being hogged around in the internet. Adults too suffer the same consequences.

Newly graduated students should pay more attention to what they write because potential employers do scan the internet to find out more about their candidates. Big companies HR too scan their employees background and may result the employees being fired or demoted or reprimanded.

Bloggers who got carried away telling their company's secrets or discussing the company's operations may end up in hot soup.

Some bloggers opened up their chests, letting out their frustrations on family and spouses may find themselves being judged. Think, the blogging world is so very small, what you write may hurt those you love as well as yourselves.

There are sites that are created solely to criticize other blogs and blog owners to the point of blogs assassinations. Such blogs, although meant to be humorous, yet they hurt. There are of course character mutilations as well as condemnations.

So, people, think before you post.

Just a reminder

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Circles in the sky

I was surprised to see these circles above the clouds while on my flight from Phoenix to Denver. I think they are the rare circular rainbows.