Thursday, August 31, 2006

my chicken

This is my proud Rooster
It was 2 years ago My husband and i decided to raise chicken for our own consumption. We bought about 100 little ones.We raise them and they multiplied. we now we have them running around the yard.

beautiful and cruel winter

Winter in the boonies can be very beautiful and sometime can be cruel. It is beautiful when the ground is covered with snow and the sky is blue. It feels beautiful when it is cold and dry.
It can be cruel, when mother nature decides to drop liquid from the sky on an already frozen air and ground. Then we have ice everywhere. The heavy laden tree branches will snap and powerline will do the same. when powerline are down it will result in no power for at least a week or so. Imagine that in the midst of cold winter, ice, ice everywhere and you have no electricity. For all of us in the boonies, we are ready and prepared. We have generators to run the electricity and we have gasoline stocked up.
We will practically be iced-bound. can't go anywhere, can go down the hill, but not up the hill. We glide from one spot to another. My dogs love to run and glide on the frozen ponds.

Friday, August 18, 2006

seasons change

While chatting with a friend in Phoenix on this hot summer afternoon, I want to think of those cool Fall and Winter days. My favourite time of the year is the late Fall. Clear blue skies and cool. This is the time to sit on the deck watching geese flying south in a formation, one group after another.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Spring in my boonies

It is in the middle of a hot hot hot summer which makes me want to think of the early spring. My backwoods were filled with all kind of foliage and blooms. There were wild grapes blooming, wild plums white with those sweet smelling flowers, The blacberries making the ground looked like a carpet of white roses. My cherry trees and peach tress were covered with pink flowers and pear and apple trees were covered with blooms. Then the bees busy buzzing around from one tree to another.
Wild sun flowers come out a little later, but those blue/purple flowers and those brown eyed susans were abundant. The honey suckles were sending all the sweet smelling fragrantce all around.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Here is nutkin

Here is nutkin enjoying a nut under the oak tree.

Roo and her adopted babies

Mother hen has decided to abandon her babies, so now Roo has taken over baby sitting the chicks