Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010

May we be healthier, wiser and happier.

Dumdum and Max having their new year's treat. A grilled leg of a deer each. Yumyum.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last days of 2009

Time just flies when you are older. Year 2009 is ending. Here are some pictures of the last week of 2009.

Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

It is a white Christmas alright. White Christmas is very rare in Oklahoma. When the weathermen hinted that we might have white precipitation, everyone was looking forward to a white Christmas. Nobody expected that the storm would turn 150 miles south making the whole of Oklahoma and north Texas in its path of wrath.

We had blizzard that nobody have ever seen before in the state. With sustained wind at 45 mph and over and 60 mph gusts, the whole state was crippled. A 50 vehicles piled up on the interstate and many road accidents. Oklahoma was not ready for this kind of storm. The wind was so strong that snow drifts covered the cars on the roads.

At my house the wind was so strong, I was almost blown away when I went to feed my animals. Visibility was so poor I could not see where i was going and i could not see my husband a foot away from me. I don't know how much snow we have because of the drifts. we have 3-4 feet drifts and today my husband had to use the tractor to clear the front of the house. The snow was up to my french window and almost up to the deck.

My dogs kept themselves warm in their houses and in the morning, their doors were blocked by the snow. They were snowed in. Max pushed his door to get out and was so happy playing in the snow. Both of them run up and down their cables and rolled in the snow. I am sure they enjoy themselves.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What we write in our blogs

I write on random topics in my blog. I am passionate about animals. I love animals. I observe them in my yard and see how clever the squirrels are. I write on birds too, I observe the blue jays and the cardinals in winter. I write about the furry possums the first time i saw them. I write about the deer that are so in love in the Fall that they come out in drove to mate and thus become hunted for sport and food. I also write on the tortoise that cross the roads for no reason at all and get killed just wanting to be on the other side of the highway.

I write passionately about Bull, the young bull we raised for food and of course, I write passionately about my dogs. They are and were my closed friends and protectors. They care about me and they do not talk back when i talk to them. They listen and they protect me from other critters as well as people they feel are a threat to me. Beside being a good sharp shooter and can handle guns really well, my dogs are my first alarm when anything approaches the driveway. For those with at least a little clue about living in a rural area, they understand why we rural people need protection.

I do not need to explain what i write, after all it is my blog. if anyone out there happen to drop at my blog (house), if they do not like what I have they can move on. It is very sad that those who do not like what i write, are too chicken to make themselves visible. They rather hide behind anonymity .

If they are curious about something, go do a research and increase their knowledge. having a little knowledge and assuming that they are a level higher than others is the most naive. If they only learn at school that a little knowledge is very dangerous, they don't have to expose themselves in my blog. You know the saying, it is better to be thought stupid rather than open your mouth and remove all the doubts.

I can write anything i want in my blog, so be it. You don't like it, move on.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Roo died today

I am sad that my dearest and loyal friend died today 2 days short of her 10th birthday. I have had many happy days with her, walking in the woods and she protecting me from snakes and such. Her swiftness had earned her many rabbits and quails. She also dragged home a live kicking deer.

I am missing her.

Roo is dog, a creature that God had made available in this world to be a joy and company as well a hunter and protector to humans, who sometime forget that animals too are created by Allah to live side by side with us.

To those who commented on my last blog, I thank them for showing me, how shallow some people can be. How evils and hateful their thoughts are and how little they know about their religion of peace and humility.

They condemned me without even knowing me. How bongkak dan sombong nya mengaku berkahwin dgn suami yg beriman.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roo and the visits to the doctor continues

Roo has been with us since I first came to live in Oklahoma. She was the golden bundle that only fit in my hands the first time we picked her. She was the smallest amongst the litter. We brought her home shampooed and kept her warm and I fell in love with her.

Roo was very timid and very insecure when as a puppy. She must have been bullied by her siblings or get less food than the rest. We put her in a box and she stayed there without a whimper. To make her feel better my husband built her a tiny house and put it next to Big Bubba's house to make her feel safe and comfortable. She grows to be a beautiful dog.

She has been with us for more than ten years now and age is catching up with her. She has skin allergy and food allergy. He beautiful golden coat is shedding due skin irritation and no shampoo can stop the shedding.

Then the trips to the doctor began when her mouth and gum start to get swollen. The doctor had to do a lot of tests and trial and error drugs. it has been many months Roo and I making trips to the doctor fortnightly. If one drug does not work, we try a new one. Now she is on 4 kinds of drugs. Poor puppy. One thing about Roo, she eats her pills with no complaint. I just put them in my hand and she eats them all at one go. Then she would take a drink.

The last 2 weeks we tried on a new drug and at the same time an old rancher said that it could be the food that she is allergic to. So Beginning of last week, I took her off completely from the store bought dry food. I now cook her a meal of rice and tuna. I can see the difference, she does not itch as much, her glands started to shrink and the gum swell has stopped. I am not very sure if it is the new drug or the change of diet that making her better. Whatever it is, I am happy and hope her health improves soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The choices

At some point in our lives, we made choices. They may not be the right ones, but we made them. We may have good choices if we have a general plan in our lives. Ad hoc choices sometime work but more likely may not.

Making a choice is like taking a challenge. When we choose to do something, we must be clear of what stand in front of us. It maybe a smooth sailing trip or the road would be bumpy. If we feel that the end is worth the bumpy road or turbulent sea, then we know what to expect and not fail half way.

We might have marked our pit stops and review our road map from time to time and make a choice again. A wrong decision or choice maybe corrected if we trust our head than our heart. A choice maybe painful initially, but if it reaps happiness at the end, then it is worth a try.

I have made many choices in my life major and minor ones. I am still making them. We have fear of the unknown, so many a time, we chose to stay in our "comfort" zones even though we are unhappy or suffering.

The first step is to correct our perception. Take love for example, we equal love as giving care, I slave over this because i "love" them. I want to show them how much I love them. Yet, if we perceive Love as the act of receiving then we are at the other end of the stick. Just think about it, if we balance it out, we might be happier.

The choice is ours to make. It all begins with us. If we make a choice to please us, then we should not feel guilty because those or the others who feel that we should make choice to please them should feel guilty.

This is my very personal opinion of making choices. I should not be afraid that my choice does not please everyone. Whom ever "they" are can make their choices too.