Sunday, March 11, 2007

what do you do when the weather is urrrgh

Today is such a day. It is cloudy and rainy and yukky. I have several options. I could laze in bed, I could bake, I could sit and watch the television and of course i can surf around. I did all that. i was even tempted to go talk to the bull.
I made baulu and it turned out eatable and nothing to shout about. I guess I did not do it correctly except mess my kitchen. I surfed around and found out that the person i was waiting for a phone call had already come and gone home. yes today is definitely not a marvellous day.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Steaks for Bill and Pet for me

Bill went and bought a young bull (almost 2 years old). He says it is for food. I was ok with it. We used to do that, bought a cow left it with the owner until time for the slaughter. Bill would go and supervise the slaughter and say some prayer. The only thing I ever saw was a packed beef in steaks, ground and roasts. This time it is different, he brought back the pretty bull and it is sitting in the yard. I can't bear to think of it as steaks. I can't figure how I would feel when the time comes. Right now he was bonding with Roo. they have been kissing each other this morning. I called it rubbing their noses. Kind of getting to know you.
I have told Bill I will not feed the pretty thing, will not talk to it, will not look at it. But I just went and looked at it this very morning.