Thursday, August 29, 2013

Roadrunners and tortoises

This morning, I was driving to send  a gas can of gas/petrol to my husband who was mowing a friend's yard. The friend had a heart attack while working at an oil field up north and still in hospital. He is doing fine now, and is about to be discharged and driven home by tomorrow. I almost ran over a road runner on my way back home. Not once but twice. I am wondering if it is the time for them runners to mate at this time of the year.

Going up the hill onto my driveway, almost mashed a tiny tortoise crossing the road. It is suicidal or what, this tiny creature has no need to get on the road as both sides has a little creek running under the bridge/road.

A crawdad was crawling up the hill to the house...hmmm finding a better place? or is it the hot sun that makes them try to find a better place, a greener pasture for the road runners. a juicier grass for the tortoise and a cooler pond for the crawdad.