Monday, May 11, 2015

Life goes on with me

 The week that was full of nasty weather. Been in and out of the storm shelter twice in a week is too much for my sanity. We are clear now with brilliant blue sky and full sun and nice north breeze. End of the week is another story. That is life in Oklahoma, a tornado alley.

I do not have much to write today except about my animals. They are part of my family. Oh yes!! I have not introduced Amy, Awie, Aaron, Mina, Mona, Abby (sadly she died), Blondie, Ayu , Lis, Lisa, Anna, Annie, Bibi, Mimi and Molly. These are my furry weed eaters.

 In December 2012, I was visiting Malaysia and I got a message from my dear husband that he got me a couple of weed eaters. I had been asking him to get me a new weed eaters, the kind that uses gas/petrol or the electric kind. When I arrived home he took me to look at the new weed eaters, they were two beautiful goats both female Mona and Mina who got their names later.

Now I got 12 more babies that have no names yet and they are so adorable.

New additions to the weed eaters. They are checking out the mineral block.


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